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East Chinatown Restaurant

East Chinatown Restaurant located on Quincy, MA 02171. We have awesome recipes and the most talented chefs in town! We offer

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Explore texture, color and of course the ultimate tastes with our menu of the season. All the ingredients are fresh and carefully selected by our chefs. Enjoy an extraordinary dinning experience.

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Anyone who really wants Asian food this is the place. I have going there since 2005 and moved to NJ so when I was back in Boston I had to stop in with a friend. Still amazing and great food ALL Fresh !! Very little English spoken but enough to communicate and have a super meal.

This Resturant and the food gets an A+! The food is authentic HK and cantonese style. (Which I love) the food was full of flavor and smelled really nice. The food‘s pricing was pretty good as well, when we visited we ordered a lot of food so we took home left overs and let me tell you, the food held up the next day. I would definitely recommend for those looking for that authentic HK and Cantonese bite!!!!

Excellent stir fry dishes, and fantastic value. Portions are large, and if you dine in, they usually give you a side soup or sweet soup on the house. Good barbecue meats too. I‘m a regular here.

First time coming here the other day and it was so delicious!! Prices were great for the portions we got. We took home leftovers and the food still tasted just as great the next day!

The food is really good here. Their pecking duck is fabulous. We no longer need to travel to NY to get a good pecking duck. The waitress who served us tonight was so friendly and kind. I asked for just an empty cup to pack my leftover dessert soup and she brought me another full cup to bring home. The owner is someone I‘ve been seeing and talking to for years, such a nice and hardworking guy!

Got beef with broccoli and chicken fried rice. I believe it was the best Chinese food that I’ve had. Unlike most other places the rice was cooked to order and not sitting around for hours or days.

They uses the best andfand ingredients. I always order the frog and bitter Mellon on rice with black bean sauce and it amazing. The frog is absolutely fresh,not frozen. No where in Boston Chinatown or no where else in Quincy they have this dish fresh. Their salt and pepper fry fish roe fish is also my favorite. It is to plentiful and best to drink beer to go with it. Their roast duck is also very juicy and favorful. Lastly but not least, their steam galic scallop on the shell is perfectly steam. Never over cook. That the art of cooking. Their iron skillet fillet with black peppercorn sauce is also amazing. The beef they uses is grade A and it‘s like butter. The price in this restaurant is a bit above average but the quality and qualities is all there!

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